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Dr. Erin Kimmerele

USF Human Donation Program: Experimental Research in Decomposition

05/05/201810:55 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Eugene DePrince

Dynamical correlation models for variational two-electron reduced-density-matrix driven complete active space self-consistent field methods

Computational Chemistry
Mr. Christopher Kabb

Photoreversible Covalent Hydrogels for Soft-Matter Additive Manufacturing

05/04/201810:15 AMAdditive Manufacturing
Dr. Kenyon Evans-Nguyen

Characterization of plasma- and laser-based ambient ionization techniques for forensic analysis

05/04/201808:30 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Dr. Laura Blair

Aha1 stimulates tau aggregation

05/04/201808:30 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Prof. Daniel Talham

Coordination Polymer Heterostructures, More than the Sum of the Parts

05/04/201801:30 PMShowcase
Prof. Stephen Kuebler

Material Systems for Nano-Scale 3D Printing by Multi-Photon Lithography

05/04/201804:00 PMMaterials Chemisry
Dr. Elizabeth Brisbois

Novel nitric oxide (NO) releasing polymers to combat thrombosis and infection

05/04/201808:30 AMPMSE/POLY
Dr. Deborah Bromfield Lee

Opening Remarks

05/05/201810:15 AMChemistry Education
Prof. Gail Fanucci

Spin-Labeling Magnetic Resonance Applications in the Glycine Riboswitch

05/04/201810:15 AMBiophysical
Nathan Peek

A Reassessment of the Electronic Structure of Cr(VI) Sites Supported on Amorphous Silica and Implications for Cr Coordination Number.

05/04/201808:45 AMInorganic Chemistry
Prof. Alexander Mebel

Reaction mechanisms and rate constants of PAH growth in astrophysical environments

05/04/201808:30 AMPhysical Chemistry
Dr. Jordon Beckler

Geochemical impacts from Hurricane Irma to a west Florida blackwater estuary

05/04/201804:00 PMEnvironmental
Prof. David Rogers

Opening Remarks

05/04/201804:00 PMComputational Chemistry
Lei Li

Investigation Of Z/E Configurational Isomerization In Dicyanorhodanine-Functionalized Oligothiophenes

05/04/201808:30 AMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Carl Hoff

Can a Catalytic Process for oxidation of N2 or N2O to nitrate be developed?

05/04/201802:10 PMShowcase
Prof. John Berry

The Zebrafish as a Toxicological Model for Assessing Toxic Potential of Cyanobacteria in the Environment

05/04/201804:35 PMEnvironmental
Miss Elly Earlywine

The Preparation of High-Nuclearity Heterometallic Pb-Mn Clusters

05/04/201809:05 AMInorganic Chemistry
Ms. Nicole Lapeyrouse

Implementing a Gradual Release of Responsibility teaching model in a large enrollment chemistry course

05/05/201810:20 AMChemistry Education
Dr. Phong Tran

Fabrication of Triboluminescence Sensors via Additive Manufacturing

05/04/201810:35 AMAdditive Manufacturing
Miss Sunidhi Lenka

Computational Study of alkene reduction using Old Yellow Enzyme

05/04/201810:50 AMBiophysical
Prof. Orlando Acevedo

Using theory and experiment to elucidate the origin of product specificity in protein arginine methyltransferases

05/04/201804:20 PMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Chiyu Wei

Iodine catalyzed diazo activation to access radical reactivity

05/04/201808:50 AMOrganic Chemistry
Chiara Deriu

Insight on the surface chemistry of bimetallic nanostars: capping agents and stability

05/04/201804:35 PMMaterials Chemisry
Miss Caterina R. Vadell-Orsini

Preliminary Characterization of Sexual Assault Lubricants: Comparison Between DART-TOFMS, GC-MS, and FT-IR

05/04/201809:05 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Mr. Michael Sims

Modular functionalization of polymeric β-ketoesters via dynamic enamine chemistry

05/04/201809:05 AMPMSE/POLY
Ma Su

Membrane-Active Hydantoin Derivatives as Antibiotic Agents

05/04/201809:05 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Dr. Denisia Popolan-Vaida

Organic Acid and Carbonyl Formation from γ-Ketohydroperoxide Decomposition in n-Butane Oxidation

05/04/201809:05 AMPhysical Chemistry
Dr. Nelly Mateeva

Electrospinning of natural and synthetic polymers

05/04/201809:25 AMPhysical Chemistry
Miss Sarah Scott

Development of the reductive enyne Cope rearrangement

05/04/201809:10 AMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Kenneth Laali

Drug Discovery Efforts at UNF

05/04/201802:50 PMShowcase
Dr. Kyle Johnson

Interfacial Dynamics in Additively Manufactured Polymer Matrix Composites

05/04/201810:55 AMAdditive Manufacturing
Mr. Olivier Nsengiyumva

Synthesis and Characterization of Nature-derived Polymers with Potential to Replace Commodity Plastics

05/04/201809:25 AMPMSE/POLY
Mr. Aravinda Munasinghe

Atomistic insight towards fragmentary interactions of PEG in bioconjugates – an atomistic molecular dynamics study

05/04/201804:50 PMComputational Chemistry
Dr. Bonnie Avery

UPLC-MS/MS analysis of Kratom products and components

05/04/201809:25 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Dr. Erin Saitta

Investigating the use of a mixed-reality teaching simulator to analyze changes in GTA discourse decisions

05/05/201810:45 AMChemistry Education
Dr. Yan Shi

One-Bead-Two-Compound Macrocyclic γ-AApeptide Screening Library against EphA2

05/04/201809:25 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Mr. Dallas Mann

AlFe2B2 as Water Oxidation Catalyst

05/04/201809:25 AMInorganic Chemistry
Prof. Michael Lufaso

Structure predictions of mixed-metal solid state compounds

05/04/201804:55 PMMaterials Chemisry
Dr. Emily Heider

Assessment of potential markers of waste in wetland-treated wastewater

05/04/201804:55 PMEnvironmental
Prof. Bo Chen

Structural characterization of the Rous Sarcoma Virus capsid protein in its tubular assembly and simulations of the self-assemblies of the HIV capsid protein

05/04/201811:10 AMBiophysical
Dr. Tamra Legron-Rodriguez

Using the Universal Design for Learning framework to design curricula that supports all learners

05/05/201801:30 PMChemistry Education
Dr. Maj-Linda Selenica

Increased post-translation modification of eIF5A contributes to TDP43 proteinopathy

05/04/201810:15 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Dr. Abuzar Kabir

Encapsulation of High Surface Particulates into Sol-gel Matrix and Their Use in Environmental Pollution Mitigation

05/04/201805:45 PMEnvironmental
Mr. Edward Nguyen

Synthesis and Characterization of Lead Halide Perovskites for Solid State Lighting

05/04/201805:45 PMMaterials Chemisry
Prof. Adam Veige

Catalytic Synthesis of Cyclic Polymers

05/05/201808:30 AMPMSE/POLY
Dr. Joshua Melko

Kinetic Measurements of CO+ and CO2+ Reactions with N and O Atoms for Models of the Martian Atmosphere

05/04/201810:15 AMPhysical Chemistry
Dr. Jaret Riddick

Additive Manufacturing for the Future Warfighter

05/04/201804:00 PMAdditive Manufacturing
Dr. Qian Yin

Structural and Functional Versatility of Interferon-Inducible Gtpases

05/05/201801:30 PMBiophysical
Prof. Tarek Sammakia

NSF 101: The Process of Preparing, Submitting, and Reviewing Proposals for The National Science Foundation

05/04/201809:30 AMOrganic Chemistry
Mr. David Hardy

Terbium(III) doped nano-spinels as green emitters for solid state lighting.

05/04/201810:15 AMInorganic Chemistry
Prof. Wei Yang

Free Energy Sampling of Long-Timescale Biomolecular Dynamics: The Orthogonal Space Sampling Paradigm

05/04/201805:45 PMComputational Chemistry
Miss Bianca Olivieri

Detection of Adulterants in Drug Screening Analysis

05/04/201810:15 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Prof. Sameer Varma

Machine learning approaches to evaluate correlation patterns in allosteric signaling: a case study of the PDZ2 domain

05/04/201806:10 PMComputational Chemistry
Dr. Zeynep Eren

The effect of dual frequency sonolytic irradiation on the production of hydroxyl radicals and efficiency of degradation of model dye compounds

05/04/201806:05 PMEnvironmental
Mr. Linjia Su

Identification of suramin as a potent and specific inhibitor of the mammalian high mobility group protein AT-hook 2 (HMGA2)-DNA interactions

05/04/201810:35 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Prof. Lorraine Leon

Engineering Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles with Solid or Liquid Cores

05/05/201809:05 AMPMSE/POLY
Dr. Mihai Vaida

Tracking the ultrafast charge carrier dynamics at the surface of photocatalytic materials

05/04/201810:35 AMPhysical Chemistry
Dr. Ling Wang

A gold nanoparticle/aptamer-based multi-channel paper microfluidic device designed for the scheduled drugs.

05/04/201810:35 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Mr. Faheem Muhammed

Dielectric and magnetic properties of nanoparticle loaded polystyrene as a printable, low-k hybrid material

05/04/201804:35 PMAdditive Manufacturing
Ms. Ashlyn Hale

Giant Molecules: Exploring Synthetic Parameters on the Path to New Mn-O Torus-like Clusters

05/04/201810:35 AMInorganic Chemistry
Dr. Daniel Paull

Green Methods for the Synthesis of Anti-Cancer Resveratrol Analogues

05/04/201810:15 AMOrganic Chemistry
Mr. Travis Hand

Understanding How CRISPR-CAS9 Controls DNA Specificity

05/05/201802:05 PMBiophysical
Mr. Justin Mulcahy

Experimentally Correlating the Spatial Distribution of Fluorine to the Growth of Anatase TiO2 Crystal Facets

05/04/201806:05 PMMaterials Chemisry
Mr. Brian Butts

Initial Results Correlating Atmospheric Composition to Students' Progression Through the Learning Process

05/05/201801:55 PMChemistry Education
Mr. Gabriel Short

Moving Commodity Plastics Forward Utilizing Bio-Cycles

05/05/201810:15 AMPMSE/POLY
Dr. Melanie Beazley

Copper Cycling in Sediments of Lakes Treated with Copper-Based Pesticides

05/04/201806:25 PMEnvironmental
Prof. Michael Shatruk

Creating New Coordination Environments for Spin-Crossover Complexes: Data Mining and Chemical Intuition

05/04/201810:55 AMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Jagadeesh Nagendra Manda

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Spirastrellolide A analogues

05/04/201810:45 AMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Stephen Kuebler

Advances in Nano-Scale 3D Printing by Multi-Photon Lithography

05/04/201804:55 PMAdditive Manufacturing
Mr. Samiol Azam

The Effect of Li+ Binding on Secondary and Tertiary Structure, Hydrophobicity, Thermodynamics, and Interactions with Interacting Partners of DREAM.

05/05/201803:00 PMBiophysical
Prof. Michael Sigman


05/04/201810:55 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Prof. Thomas Mullen

Expanding Cu-ligated multilayers for use in hybrid lithographic strategies

05/04/201806:25 PMMaterials Chemisry
Mr. Arthur Omran

Origins of Life: Prebiotic Chemistry in Simulated Hydrothermal Vent Environments via Calcium Carbonate, Barium Carbonate and Iron Sulfide Chemical Garden Catalysis.

05/04/201810:55 AMPhysical Chemistry
Dr. Scott Wallen

Implementing a Circular Economy Paradigm: Sustainable Introductory Laboratories

05/05/201802:20 PMChemistry Education
Dr. Adrian Roitberg

ANI strikes again. New results from a grown-up Machine learning method for organic systems.

05/04/201806:35 PMComputational Chemistry
Prof. Eda Koculi

Bacterial large subunit ribosome assembly

05/04/201810:55 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Dr. Matthieu Baudelet

Laser-ablation for the analysis of anthropological evidence

05/05/201808:30 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Dr. Kenneth Church

Direct Digital Manufacturing Processes for Electronics and Biology

05/04/201805:45 PMAdditive Manufacturing
Ms. Nicole Lapeyrouse

Reductive dechlorination of chlorinated compounds by zero-valent iron with Vitamin B12

05/05/201801:30 PMEnvironmental
Dr. Jean-Hubert Olivier

Redox-Assisted Self-Assembly of π-Conjugated Chromophores Provides Function-Enhanced Superstructures

05/05/201808:30 AMMaterials Chemisry
Prof. Shengqian Ma

Development of Metal-Organic Frameworks as a Versatile Platform for Heterogeneous Catalysis

05/05/201808:30 AMPhysical Chemistry
Prof. Xiaodong Shi

Catalytic Activation of Diazonium and Diazo Compounds: New Chemistry from Unexpected Results

05/04/201811:05 AMOrganic Chemistry
Dr. David Merkler

N-Acyltransferases and Fatty Acid Amides

05/04/201804:00 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Prof. Olaseni Sode

Fermi resonance in CO2: Exploring the vibrational structure of the carbon dioxide dimer

05/05/201808:30 AMComputational Chemistry
Amanda Pritzlaff

Control and Stabilization of Human Galectin-3 with Polymer Conjugation

05/05/201810:35 AMPMSE/POLY
Prof. Christos Lampropoulos

Single-molecule magnets, their oligomers and polymers: their structure, magnetic properties at ambient and high pressures, and high-field EPR spectroscopy

05/04/201804:00 PMInorganic Chemistry
Dr. Rose Stiffin

Incorporating Peer-reviewed Research Journal Articles into Organic and Biochemistry Classes

05/05/201803:00 PMChemistry Education
Prof. Ken Teter

The Novel Disaggregase Activity of Protein Disulfide Isomerase

05/05/201803:20 PMBiophysical
Prof. John Kuhn

Materials Science and Engineering Research Perspective within the Functional Materials and Manufacturing Institute REU Program at University of South Florida

05/05/201803:20 PMChemistry Education
Larry Tesler

Mass Selection of Van der Waals-Tagged Ions within a Cryogenic Linear Ion Trap

05/05/201809:05 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Prof. Thomas Angelini

Mechanical Instabilities in Contracting 3D Printed Microtissues

05/04/201806:10 PMAdditive Manufacturing
Kai Lister

Electronic structure and reactivity of atmospheric ions

05/05/201809:05 AMPhysical Chemistry
Mr. Ying He

Precise Formation of concise G-Octamer for Construction of Noncovalent and Covalent “Molecular Cube” with enhanced stability

05/04/201804:00 PMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Xiaopeng Li

Kandinsky Circles: Nested Supramolecular Hexagons with High Antibacterial Activity

05/05/201810:55 AMPMSE/POLY
Ms. Jasleen Bindra

Evidence of Ferrimagnetism in II-VI Dilute Magnetic Quantum Dots

05/05/201809:05 AMMaterials Chemisry
Prof. Alexander Mebel

The mechanism and kinetics of oxidation of cyclopentadienyl radical in combustion flames: A theoretical view

05/05/201808:55 AMComputational Chemistry
Jonathan Caranto

Biological N–N bond formation: From the nitrogen cycle to microbial natural products

05/04/201804:35 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Mr. Preet Mahalay

Cobalt-Manganese-Oxide Clusters as Potential Water Oxidation Catalysts (WOCs)

05/04/201804:35 PMInorganic Chemistry
Miss Amal Mogharbel

Dechlorination comparison of octachlorodibenzofuran with Mg and Mg/C in different solvent systems

05/05/201802:05 PMEnvironmental
Ms. Run Li

Development of Complex v2RDM Driven Relativistic CASSCF Methods

05/05/201809:20 AMComputational Chemistry
Dr. Abuzar Kabir

Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction: a Unique Integration of Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME)


05/05/201809:25 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Prof. Christopher Bennett

Extraterrestrial Contributions to the Prebiotic Inventory of the Early Earth from Meteorites

05/05/201809:25 AMPhysical Chemistry
Prof. Stuart Williams

3D Bioprinting and Efforts to Biofabricate Bioficial Organs

05/04/201806:35 PMAdditive Manufacturing
Mr. Pratik Roy

Polymer coated lanthanide based nanoparticles as potential PARACEST MRI contrast agents

05/05/201809:25 AMMaterials Chemisry
Miss Ökten Üngör

Conducting Charge Transfer Salts of Fe(II) Complexes with Organic TCNQ Radicals

05/04/201804:55 PMInorganic Chemistry
Dr. Deborah Bromfield Lee

Closing Remarks and Discussion

05/05/201803:45 PMChemistry Education
Ms. Shannon Prendergast

Dechlorination comparison of PCB 153 with ball-milled ZVMg with and without activated carbon

05/05/201802:25 PMEnvironmental
Prof. Amy Lane

Unleashing bacterial biosynthetic pathways to expand diketopiperazine chemical diversity

05/04/201804:20 PMOrganic Chemistry
Ms. Anupama Tuladhar

Manumycin-A is a potent inhibitor of mammalian thioredoxin reductase

05/04/201804:55 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Ms. Juliette Experton

Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticle Formation and Electrochemical Characterization

05/05/201810:15 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Mr. Konstantinos Lazarou

Resolution of the chiral octanuclear Iron-Oxo-Pyrazolate to its P and M enantiomers

05/04/201805:45 PMInorganic Chemistry
Roaa Mogharbel

Zero-Valent Iron (ZVI) Activation of Persulfate (PS) for Oxidation of 3,5,6-Trichloro-2-Pyridinol

05/05/201803:00 PMEnvironmental
Dr. Yu Chen

Serine and Metallo carbapenemases: deciphering broad-spectrum activity and engineering cross-class inhibitors

05/04/201805:45 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Prof. H. Lee Woodcock

New Approaches for Overcoming Ensemble Mismatches in QM/MM Free Energy Simulations

05/05/201810:15 AMComputational Chemistry
Dr. Jarrod F. Eubank

Supermolecular Building Layer (SBL) Approach to MOFs for Biomedical Applications

05/05/201810:15 AMMaterials Chemisry
Mr. Zachary Shultz

Development of a practical synthesis of THC and CBD enabling access to novel analogs

05/04/201804:50 PMOrganic Chemistry
Ms. Laura Bailey

Avoiding misidentification of phosphopeptides: Exploring the factors that enhance and inhibit phosphate scrambling in peptide sequencing

05/05/201810:35 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Mrs. Adibah Almutairi

In situ treatment systems for remediation of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated building materials

05/05/201803:20 PMEnvironmental
Prof. Chen Huang

Embedded cluster density approximation for exchange-correlation energy

05/05/201810:40 AMComputational Chemistry
Prof. Alexander Grenning

Standardizing Complex Terpenoid Synthesis

05/04/201805:45 PMOrganic Chemistry
Mr. Wishrawana Ratnayake

Oncogenic protein kinase Cι drives melanoma cell epithelial-mesenchymal transition by activating vimentin through Par6/RhoA signaling

05/04/201806:05 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Christopher Brewer

Photochemistry of (η3-allyl)Ru halide precursors for photo assisted chemical vapor deposition

05/04/201806:05 PMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Luis Saucedo

Fe3Se4 Phase Stabilized by Transition Metal Doping

05/05/201810:35 AMMaterials Chemisry
Dr. Ioannis Gelis

Phosphorylation induced cochaperone unfolding promotes kinase recruitment and client class-specific Hsp90 phosphorylation

05/04/201806:25 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Prof. Michael Shatruk

Revisiting Bond Breaking and Making in the Solid State: Where are the Electrons?

05/05/201810:55 AMMaterials Chemisry
Prof. Brian Space

Triumphs and Tribulations in the Molecular Modeling of Porous Materials

05/05/201811:05 AMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Verrill Norwood IV

Ring Distortion of Vincamine Leads to Intriguing Biological Discoveries

05/04/201806:15 PMOrganic Chemistry
Mr. Bradley Russell-Webster

Effects of Cl- and NO3- Ions on Cerium Dioxide Nanocluster Structures

05/04/201806:25 PMInorganic Chemistry
Dr. Tony Pham

Tuning the Selectivity Between C2H2 and CO2 in Molecular Porous Materials

05/05/201801:30 PMMaterials Chemisry
Prof. Shengli Zou

Surface Enhanced/Quenched Fluorescence near a nanorod

05/05/201801:30 PMComputational Chemistry
Prof. James Frederich

Photoassisted synthesis of complex molecular motifs

05/04/201806:35 PMOrganic Chemistry
Mr. Vincent Zollo Jr

Development of electronic unsaturation in transition metal cluster complexes: Addition of Pt(IPr) groupings as sterically demanding ligands

05/05/201808:45 AMInorganic Chemistry
Dr. James Frederich

Small molecule modulation of the 14-3-3 interactome

05/05/201801:30 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Mr. Thai Son Cao

Ligand-induced ground state spin changes in Ce3Mn8 perovskite model clusters

05/05/201809:05 AMInorganic Chemistry
Ms. Shalini Jayaraman Rukmani

A molecular simulation investigation of PEGDA nanogels

05/05/201801:55 PMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Sanath Ramakrishna

Molecular dynamics of metal-organic framework [(CH3)2NH2]Mn(HCOO)3 near magnetic and ferroelectric transitions using 1H, 55Mn NMR.

05/05/201802:05 PMMaterials Chemisry
Miss Mithila Sawant

Exploring (R)-9bMS, a small molecular inhibitor of ACK1-AR epigenetic circuitry in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

05/05/201802:05 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Prof. Michael Shatruk

Unusual Magnetic Behavior of σ-Dimerizing Organic Radicals

05/05/201808:30 AMOrganic Chemistry
Dr. Eric Lewandowski

Interactions of Ruthenocenyl-Conjugated Antibiotics with CTX-M β-Lactamase

05/05/201802:25 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Miss Sedigheh Etezadi

Study of tri-t-butyl tin hydride complexes of transition metals towards activation of small molecules

05/05/201809:25 AMInorganic Chemistry
Prof. Robert Huigens III

Ring Distortion of Complex Indole Alkaloids: Reengineering Biological Activity to Address New Disease Areas

05/05/201808:50 AMOrganic Chemistry
Dr. Arjan van der Vaart

Conformational free energy calculations with the confinement method


05/05/201802:20 PMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Wesley Newsome

Tunable Solid State Fluorescence in Isoreticular Metal Organic Frameworks

05/05/201802:25 PMMaterials Chemisry
Ms. Su Kyung Jeon

Design and synthesis of concentration gradient Prussian blue analogues

05/05/201810:15 AMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Edmundo Bello

High Refractive Index Polymer Composites

05/05/201803:00 PMMaterials Chemisry
Mrs. Maliheh Shaban Tameh

Accuracy of density functional theory for predicting kinetics of methanol synthesis from CO and CO2 hydrogenation on copper

05/05/201803:00 PMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Yassin Elbatrawi

A submonomer-based approach towards piperazic acid (Piz) natural products. The total synthesis of L-156,373

05/05/201809:20 AMOrganic Chemistry
Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov

Evolution of hybridization probes to DNA nanorobots for biosensing and gene therapy

05/05/201803:00 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Mr. David Jeffcoat

TD-DFT Calculations to Assign Ground and Excited State Electronic Structures of DioxoCr(VI) sites

05/05/201803:20 PMComputational Chemistry
Yue Su

Synthesis of High Refractive Index Lens Materials

05/05/201803:20 PMMaterials Chemisry
Mr. Vineet Kumar Jakhar

Catalytic Synthesis of Cyclic Polymer via Ring Expansion Metathesis Polymerization.

05/05/201810:35 AMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Geoffrey Gray

Structure Studies of Spider Silk Dope

05/05/201803:20 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Prof. Jim Leahy

Anti-infective and Neurodegenerative Drug Discovery – Something Old, Something New…

05/05/201810:15 AMOrganic Chemistry
Dr. Abdulrahiman Nijamudheen

Mechanistic studies of hydrogen evolution reactions over low-dimensional, Pt-free transition metal catalysts

05/05/201803:40 PMComputational Chemistry
Prof. Gang Chen

The pH Effect in Seed-Mediated Growth of Gold Nanorods

05/05/201803:40 PMMaterials Chemisry
Dr. Ralph Salvatore

Investigations in Organobarium Chemistry: Synthesis of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetaldehyde (DOPAL): a Potential Target for Neuroprotective Therapy in Parkinson's Disease.

05/05/201810:45 AMOrganic Chemistry
Ms. Jiamin Liang

Growth mechanisms of Prussian blue analogue nanoparticles in surfactant-free synthesis

05/05/201810:55 AMInorganic Chemistry
Grit Kupgan

Investigating plasticization and swelling in polymers of intrinsic microporosity (PIM-1) from atomistic molecular simulations

05/05/201804:00 PMComputational Chemistry
Prof. Christopher McCurdy

Sigma Receptor Ligands: From Discovery to Clinical Translation

05/05/201811:05 AMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Daniel Seidel

New Strategies for the C–H Functionalization of Amines

05/05/201801:30 PMOrganic Chemistry
Mr. Bo Song

Hierarchical Self-assembly of Supramolecular Norias

05/05/201802:00 PMOrganic Chemistry
Ms. Ania Sotuyo

The dimerization of benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']dithiophen-4-ol

05/05/201802:20 PMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Rendy Kartika

Synthetic Explorations with Unsymmetrical Oxyallyl and 2-Amidoallyl Cations

05/05/201803:00 PMOrganic Chemistry
Kathryn Olsen

Catalytic enantio- and regioselective alkynylation of pyridines

05/05/201803:30 PMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Tarek Sammakia

New Methods for the Synthesis of Molecules Containing All-Carbon Quaternary Centers

05/05/201803:50 PMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Kevin Smith

Photosensitizers Derived from Chlorophyll

05/05/201806:15 PMOrganic Chemistry
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