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A Novel Method for Determination of Sucralose in Environmental Samples

ThwinZonMaterials Chemisry

A Top-down Approach to Create ZnO Shell on the ZnS:Mn/ZnS Nanoparticles


Acetyl-group sensing through modulation of conformational dynamics in an
arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase.


An Alternative to Commercial Plastics: Extraction and Polymerization of a Biorenewable Monomer

RanasingheKavindriComputational Chemistry

ANAKIN-ME: Using deep learning to develop a chemically accurate and universal potential for the prediction of organic reactions

RobertsReedOrganic Chemistry

Applications of the Cesium Effect: Synthesis of de Novo Peptidomimetics as Potential Anticancer Agents.


Cadmium Associates to DREAM and Alters Its Interactions with Intracellular Partners

HAGOSSELAMOrganic Chemistry

Chemical Investigation of Antarctic Sponges

KokkaliariSofiaOrganic Chemistry

Chemistry of Marine Tunicates Collected from Antarctica


Comparative Study for the Removal and Destruction of Pentachloroanisole versus Pentachlorophenol by Ball-milled Zero-Valent Magnesium/Graphite in an Acidified Ethanol

DarrowsMikaylaComputational Chemistry

Computational Investigation of Binding Energetics of a CMPO Ligand for Selective Lanthanide Extraction

AnstineDylanComputational Chemistry

Computational mechanical testing of amorphous polymers

HeWanhongInorganic Chemistry

Control of phase behavior in a Prussian blue analogue

DavisJackInorganic Chemistry

Conversion of waste NxOy Gases into useful fertilizers

CharlierAlban H. R.Physical Chemistry

Developing polypeptide-based drug delivery vehicles for improved cancer therapeutics

KovacIlmaBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Development of a screening assay for the Detection of Substrate Specificity Among Bacterial Agmatine Deiminases

ZhongXiangComputational Chemistry

Development of OPLS parameters for pyridinium-based ionic liquids

AkhtarAfrozaBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Development of Tetrazole based Inhibitors against Multiple Classes of Carbapenemases


Does Elevated Frequency and Measured Levels of Ochratoxin A (OTA) in U.S. Wines Suggest a Role of Climate Change?

BommaReddyRaja ReddyBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Effect of novel atypical Protein Kinase C inhibitor (DNDA) on cell proliferation and migration of lung cancer cells


Effects of Natural Polymorphisms of non-B HIV-1 Protease on Protein Conformations

SalvatoreRalphOrganic Chemistry

Efficient Synthesis of Cyclopropylacetylene, a Crucial Synthetic Intermediate for Efavirenz (Sustiva™), a HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor

KhalifeSandraOrganic Chemistry

Emissive Pyridinium Salts Constructed through Restriction of the Intramolecular Rotation of Tetraphenylethylene

HendersonWillOrganic Chemistry


ThakurAbhishekComputational Chemistry

F71I mutation in PRMT7 alters product specificity


Functional Thiol-Ene Networks for Impact Energy Mitigation

JohsnonReeceOrganic Chemistry

Green, Solid-Supported Catalyst for the Synthesis of Superior Cancer-Fighting Resveratrol Analogues

TengPengBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Hydrogen-Bonding-Driven 3D Supramolecular Assembly of Unnatural Peptidic Zipper

LuHangInorganic Chemistry

Investigation of Pt(II) precursors for electron beam-induced deposition of Pt nanostructures

Aguirre-VelezCarlosComputational Chemistry

Kinetics of Li intercalation on graphene interlayers


Locally Systemic Pesticide (LSP) approach to combat Against bright spot disease of tomato

JohnsonEmilyAnalytical Chemistry

Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticle Synthesis on Gold Nanotubes

DevereuxChristianComputational Chemistry

Molecular Geometry Optimization and Normal Mode Calculations via ANI-1x Deep Learning Potential

Machohally VenkateshaiahVasantha KumarBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

NMR Spectroscopy: Insights into protein-ligand interactions

LiuHanwenInorganic Chemistry

Photochemical reactions of Pt precursors for photoassisted chemical vapor deposition

AzbillNicoleInorganic Chemistry

Photodynamic Therapy Metal Organic Frameworks (PDT-MOFs)

MayersJacobPhysical Chemistry

Photophysical study of Ruthenium (II) Tris (1,10-Phenanthroline) encapsulated in zirconium based Uio-66 and derivatives

HeYingOrganic Chemistry

Precise Formation of concise G-Octamer for Construction of Noncovalent and Covalent “Molecular Cube” with enhanced stability

AvalonNicoleBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Predictive Databases, Computational Peptide Sequencing, and Secondary Metabolite Identification from a New Antarctic Pseudovibrio species

VaidaMihaiPhysical Chemistry

Preparation and characterization of 2D nanostructured materials for photocatalytic applications

FabianoCatherinePhysical Chemistry

Project Alchemy: EPR Spectroscopic Investigation of The Bologna Stone

PerezYeseniaMaterials Chemisry

Properties of  De Novo Aliphatic Polyimides influenced by the Integration of Hydrogen Bonding Sites

DyerChristopherMaterials Chemisry

Prussian blue analogues as a template for bimetallic carbides

SusiVanessaAnalytical Chemistry

Rapid Speciation and Quantification of Trace Trivalent and Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Combined with Ion Exchange Membranes


Renewable Polymers via Multicomponent Polymerization


Role of F235A residue in neuronal calcium sensor DREAM

FilosaAlexanderOrganic Chemistry

Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Prisms Using Tetraterpyridine Porphyrin

HermosillaMarthaPhysical Chemistry

Study of Energy Transfer in Supramolecular Homochiral [2.2]Paracyclophane Self-assembly


Synthesis of merocyanine-photoacid polymers

WhiteKatherineOrganic Chemistry

Synthesis of versatile allenyl malonates via the reductive enyne Cope rearrangement

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