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Name Mr. Hanwen Liu
Organization or Institution University of Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Inorganic Chemistry

Photochemical reactions of Pt precursors for photoassisted chemical vapor deposition


Hanwen Liu, Christopher R. Brewer, Bryan Salazar, Amy V. Walker and Lisa McElwee-White

Author Institution(s)

Department of Chemistry, University of Florida; Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas


Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a technique that can be used in the metallization of organic films. However, traditional CVD (thermal CVD) usually requires high temperatures which are not compatible with organic films. Instead of heating the organic substrate, photochemistry provides a milder way of initiating precursor decomposition. Pt precursors such as PtMe2(COD) and PtMeX(COD) (X = Cl, Br, I) are being studied for Pt deposition on functionalized self-assembled monolayers by means of photochemical CVD. The synthesis and characterization of Pt precusors will be presented. In addition, quantum yields for the primary photoprocess (methyl loss) will be discussed.