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Name Nicholas Young
Organization or Institution University of Central Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Environmental

A Novel Method for Determination of Sucralose in Environmental Samples


Nicholas Young, Melanie Beazley

Author Institution(s)

University of Central Florida, Department of Chemistry


Sucralose, a chlorinated synthetic sweetener, is persistent in environmental waters and is considered an emerging contaminant of concern. In this study, we present a novel method for the extraction and derivatization of sucralose in environmental water samples compared to existing analytical methods. Sucralose was extracted from water samples using solid phase extraction and selectively eluted with tert-butyl methyl ether to remove excess impurities. The extract was esterified with benzoyl chloride in acetonitrile to synthesize a UV-active derivative. The reaction produced a higher yield over existing methods for sucralose derivatization. The derivatized sucralose products were analyzed by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography and detected by UV absorption. Good separation was achieved in a gradient elution with acetonitrile and water in less than 10 minutes. The method presented provides a simple and effective quantification of sucralose in environmental samples with high specificity and without the need for mass spectrometry.