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Name Ms. Santana Thomas
Organization or Institution University of South Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Organic Chemistry

The chemical investigation of deep- sea antarctic corals and their affiliated biological properties


Santana A.L. Thomas; 1J.L. von Salm; 1  A. Azhari;3 C.A. Rice; 3 A. R. Sanchez; 2 Y. Kee; 2 N. G. Wilson; 4 D. Kyle; 3 B.J. Baker1

Author Institution(s)

1:Departments of Chemistry; 2:Cellular, Molecular and Microbiology and 3:Public Health
4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620, United States,
4:Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Secondary metabolites have attracted interest in drug discovery because of their biological effect on other organisms, as opposed to primary metabolites which exert their biological effect intracellularly. The chemical diversity of secondary metabolites has been the frontier of drug discovery. A recent report quantified more than 28,000 marine natural products reported over 6 decades and approximately 10% of these were reported as bio-active. This demonstrates the potential of marine natural products as a good source of drugs for human diseases.

This project describes the isolation of secondary metabolites from three species of Antarctic deep sea corals. They all displayed diversity among the terpene chemical class. Although these compounds are related bio-synthetically they have shown specificity to biological effects as seen in through biological screen against infectious diseases.