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Name Christopher Dyer
Organization or Institution Florida State University
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Materials Chemisry

Prussian blue analogues as a template for bimetallic carbides


Christopher Dyer, David Hardy, Geoffrey F. Strouse

Author Institution(s)

Florida State University


Prussian blue analogues are a widely studied material that have many uses including single molecule magnets, catalysis, and hydrogen storage capabilities. While these materials are interesting themselves, many times the transition metals that form the prussian blue analogue also contain interesting qualities as bimetallic materials. This work shows the thermal collapse of prussian blue analogues into bimetallic carbide nanoparticles with potential magnetic applications as well as catalytic applications. This approach allows size distributions to stay consistent throughout the formation of the prussian blue analogues as well as the final collapsed bimetallic carbides. These materials have been characterized by SEM/TEM, PXRD, and XRF. Multiple iron based mixed metal carbides have been fabricated through this thermal collapse approach with a high-temperature solvent.