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Name Dr. Mihai Vaida
Organization or Institution University of Central Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Physical Chemistry

Preparation and characterization of 2D nanostructured materials for photocatalytic applications


Md Afjal Khan Pathan, Mark Wasuwanich, and Mihai E. Vaida

Author Institution(s)

Department of Physics, University of Central Florida, Florida 32816, USA


Nanostructured materials composed of two dimensional (2D) semiconductors decorated with metal nanoparticles are predicted to be efficient photocatalysts for water splitting and CO2 reduction. In this research, large area 2D materials such as MoS2, WS2, and ReS2, as well as heterostructures formed by these materials are synthesized under ultrahigh vacuum conditions on Cu(111) and Si(111) using a multistep procedure based on physical vapor deposition. Subsequently, these 2D materials are decorated with metal and metal oxide nanoparticles. The composition and crystallinity of the 2D materials are investigated by Auger electron spectroscopy and low energy electron diffraction. Besides the preparation and characterization of these 2D materials, this contribution will also provide details about the interaction of CO2 and H2O molecules with the 2D-MoS2 photocatalyst, which is investigated via temperature programmed desorption/reaction in the presence and absence of light irradiation.