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Name Miss Yesenia Perez
Organization or Institution University of South Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Materials Chemisry

Properties of  De Novo Aliphatic Polyimides influenced by the Integration of Hydrogen Bonding Sites


Yesenia Perez, Alejandro Rivera, and Julie Harmon

Author Institution(s)

University of South Florida


Although polyimides are known to be resistant at elevated temperatures, they are hard to process, restraining their industrial applications. Compared to other types of polyimides, aliphatic polyimides are more processable due to their low dielectric constants and higher solubilities. A series of aliphatic polyimides consisting of polyetheramines and dianhydrides were modified by incorporating isocyanate in the middle of the backbone via a polyurea prepolymer. The polyurea prepolymer was formed by joining isocyanate with a polyetheramine and an aniline. The amine moiety of prepolymer was linked to a dianhydride to form a new set of novel aliphatic polyimides with hydrogen bonding sites formed by the urea linkages, introducing hydrogen bonding among the chains. The effect of the hydrogen bonding sites on the properties of the aliphatic polyimides was studied through tensile testing, rheology, and dynamic mechanical analysis.