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Name Ms. Lorelie Imperial
Organization or Institution Unversity of Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Chemistry Education

Using Design Challenges to Learn Chemistry in the Context of Engineering Problems


Lorelie Imperial1, Corey Payne1, Kent Crippen1, Maria Korolev2, , Philip Brucat2, Chang-Yu Wu3

Author Institution(s)

1- School of Teaching and Learning, University of Florida
2- Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
3 -Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment, University of Florida


The Cognitive Apprenticeship for Engineers in Chemistry Laboratory (ChANgE Chem Lab) curriculum model is our response to the workforce challenge of retaining freshman engineering majors taking general chemistry. Our model is grounded in the theoretical framework of cognitive apprenticeship and involves engineering design and learning chemistry in context through collaborative work. The model is embodied in three-week problem-based activities that require students to use chemistry laboratory concepts in engineering Design Challenges (DCs). Thus, learning chemistry while making engineering practice explicit. The design of each DC is based upon our adaptation of model-eliciting activities (MEA), a framework from the modeling perspective in engineering education. Adherence to the MEA principles allow us to create open-ended and authentic modeling activities that support our goal. In this presentation, we detail the development process for the DCs as design-based research, illustrating how our redesign efforts are based upon incorporation of students’ perspectives from usability testing from across one semester of a general chemistry laboratory course.