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Name Mr. Jack Davis
Organization or Institution University of Miami
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Topic Inorganic Chemistry

Conversion of waste NxOy Gases into useful fertilizers


Jack Davis, Leonardo Farias Serafim, Carl Hoff

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University of Miami


Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a powerful pollutant and greenhouse gas produced during the Ostwald Process for the production of nitric acid, as well as other anthropogenic processes such as the production of adipic acid and the decomposition of fertilizer. Despite being a high energy molecule (ΔH°298= +82.05 kj/mol) N2O is kinetically very stable and its fate in industry is often high temperature disproportionation into N2 and O2 or reduction with ammonia to N2 and H2O. This research sets to find a way to convert this waste gas into useful higher oxidation state nitrogen compounds such as sodium nitrate. Few reactions of N2O are known that do not result in loss of oxygen, however N2O is known to reaction with Na2O to form a cis- hyponitrite. The oxidation of this hyponitrite by another waste gas •NO2 has been computed to be exothermic in each step. Additional computational studies of Na2MoO4 and other metal complex oxides will be reported as well as preliminary experimental studies with the goal of providing a more energy efficient method of N2O abatement.