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Name Ms. Ying He
Organization or Institution University of South Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Organic Chemistry

Precise Formation of concise G-Octamer for Construction of Noncovalent and Covalent “Molecular Cube” with enhanced stability


Ying He, Yanbin Zhang, Xiaodong Shi

Author Institution(s)

University of South Florida


Both non-covalent and covalent “molecular cube” was constructed through self-assembly of designated guanosine derivatives, which were characterized by X-ray, NMR and MS.  The key design was the analysis of the key steric factors that control G-quartet stacking.  With the introduction of 8-aryl and sterically hindered protecting group on ribose, interdigitation of sugar between G-quartet layers was prevented successfully and a concise, discrete self-assembled guanosine octamer was achieved with enhanced stability and unique property on Rb+ recognition.