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AlanaziAbdulazizMaterials Chemisry

Characterization and Photophysical Properties of Porphyrins Based Metal-Organic Framework (RWLCAA-1) Obtained by Self-Assembly of Zinc 5,10,15,20-Tetra(4-Pyridyl)-21H,23H-Porphine


Synthetic "Nanoreactors" to Mimic Biology

RodriguezAlanInorganic Chemistry

Iron-oxide based clusters for the preparation of hybrid materials

BlanchardAlexanderPhysical Chemistry

A Novel Type of Microtubes in Inorganic Precipitation Systems

Peguero-TejadaAlfredoComputational Chemistry

Assessing the intrinsic secondary structure propensity of chameleon sequences


Aptamer-Based Assay for Detection of Ochratoxin A in Wine


pH-dependent properties of Ionizable Residues in the Hydrophobic Interior of Staphylococcal Nuclease

GiacaloneAnthonyInorganic Chemistry

Encapsulation of photoactive  Ru(II) (2,2’-Bipyridine)2(Bio-Active molecules)2 within MOFs for novel drug delivery

OmranArthurInorganic Chemistry

Heterogeneous Catalysis of Prebiotic Chemistry by Calcium Carbonate, Barium Carbonate and Iron Sulfide Chemical Gardens.

AlharbiArwaPhysical Chemistry

The equilibrium of merocyanin photoacid and spiropyran

RathmanBenjaminOrganic Chemistry

Backbone Aminated Gramicidin S Analogues with Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity

DohertyBrianComputational Chemistry

Development of a virtual site OPLS force field for ionic liquid simulations

DeriuChiaraAnalytical Chemistry

SERS-based Screening Test for Synthetic Cannabinoids in Oral Fluid

WeiChiyuOrganic Chemistry

Iodine catalyzed diazo activation to access radical reactivity

CainChrisOrganic Chemistry

Synthetic studies toward the 4-alkylideneproline natural products eleganine A and 17-nor-excelsinidine

ApostolatosChristopherBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

C-Jun and FOXO1 play key roles in the overexpression of oncogenic PKC-ἱ in human prostate and melanoma cell lines


Mechanism for Air Phase Elemental Mercury Capture on Activated Carbon


Investigation of tetanus toxin fragment C for bioconjugation studies with self-assembling vesicle polymers and stimuli responsive materials.

LaverdeEduardoBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

GAA repeat R-loops mediates GAA repeat instability through the modulation of BER enzymes activity

YaaghubiElhamOrganic Chemistry

A New Class of Compounds Active Against HER2+ and EGFR+ Cancer Cells: Mechanism of Action Studies and Optimization.

EmmetiereFabienOrganic Chemistry

Modular Synthesis of Terpenes: Enyne Metathesis Approach Toward pseudo-Guaianolide Architectures

YinGuangqiangOrganic Chemistry

Highly Emissive Iridium(III) Supramolecular Metallo-Macrocycles with Aggregation-Induced Emission Behavior


Synthesis and polymerization of bio-cyclic monomers in pursuit of viable alternatives to commodity plastics

WangHengOrganic Chemistry

Self-Assembly of Super Hexagonal Prism

NeiraIagoOrganic Chemistry

Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of CB7 binding of nicotinic acid-terminated-xylylene guests.


Analysis of Growth Dynamics and Protein Expressions of Microbial-Mediated
Biomineralization of Uranium Contaminated Soils at Savannah River Site, Aiken SC

CherryJasmineComputational Chemistry

Many-body Convergence of the Interaction Energies in CO2 Systems

LopezJessicaInorganic Chemistry

Synthesis and characterization of Pyrazolate-Supported Fe33-O) complexes and their redox properties

MartinJessicaMaterials Chemisry

Metal-organic framework host/guest photocatalysts for CO2 reduction

DixonJordanPhysical Chemistry

Evaporation Kinetics of Solvents and Polymer Solutions in an Acoustic Levitator


Extraction and Quantification of Phosphorous in Lake Sediments

TillettKhaliliaBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

N-Amino peptide inhibitors of Aβ1-42 aggregation

HanoldLauraBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Derivatization of macrocyclic tetrapeptide kappa opioid receptor antagonists by hydroxyproline esterification

LiLeiOrganic Chemistry


WangLeiInorganic Chemistry

Stepwise Self-Assembly of Heterometallic Macrocycles Based on Terpyridine Ligand

EllisMatthewMaterials Chemisry

Magneto-optical properties of lanthanide-doped nanospinels

SarnowskiMatthewOrganic Chemistry

Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of N-Amino Peptides

WhiteMelaniePhysical Chemistry

Drug solubility: Understanding hydrogen bonding networks with methanol clusters

CyrNoahOrganic Chemistry

Design and Optimization of Solid-Supported Palladium / Ionic Liquid Complexes as Green Catalysts

HawkinsOliviaInorganic Chemistry

Photochemical Reactions of Ruthenium Precursors for Photo-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition

GuptaPancham LalComputational Chemistry

Study of pH-dependent ligand binding and cooperativity for E.coli glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase

OrndorffPaulComputational Chemistry

Flexibility of Lesion Containing DNA

TsegayPawlosBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Oxidative DNA damage deregulates the expression of miRNAs that regulate DNA repair.

LiuPeiyeOrganic Chemistry

Synthesis of 1-Cyanoalkynes and Their Ruthenium(II)-Catalyzed Cycloaddition with Organic Azides to Afford 4-Cyano-1,2,3-triazoles

VertesaljaiPeterOrganic Chemistry

Complex hydroindoles via a nitrile-intercepted allylic alkylation cascade reaction

HamletPeterChemistry Education

Online Lab for Introductory Chemistry: The First Year

SerranoRobertoOrganic Chemistry

Terpenoid Synthesis via the Reductive Cope Rearrangement


Distinct mechanism of oxygen and carbon monoxide interactions with heme protein

IslamS M AnisulBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

The modulation of actin dynamics via atypical protein kinase-C activated cofilin regulates migration of colorectal cancer cells.


Thermo-responsive Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles

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