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Name Mr. Chris Cain
Organization or Institution University of South Florida Chemistry
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Topic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic studies toward the 4-alkylideneproline natural products eleganine A and 17-nor-excelsinidine


Chris F. Cain, Justin A. Goodwin, Evan H. Howard, Juan R. Del Valle

Author Institution(s)

University of South Florida


Eleganine A is a monoterpene indole alkaloid capable of inducing apoptosis in HuH-7 cancer cells. 17-Nor-excelsinidine, a novel member of the akuammiline family of alkaloids, possesses an unusual 1-azoniatricyclo [] undecane core structure and has shown activity against adenovirus and HSV. Of interest from a synthetic standpoint, these molecules contain an alkylideneproline moiety found in only a handful of other natural products including lucentamycin A and isodomic Acids G and H. Here, we describe our progress toward the total synthesis of eleganine A and 17-nor-excelsinidine starting from L-serine as a chiral progenitor. Our synthetic strategy involves formation of the ethylidene proline fragment via nickel-catalyzed reductive Heck-type cyclization and generation of the indole ring through Larock heteroanulation.