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Name Fabien Emmetiere
Organization or Institution University of Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Organic Chemistry

Modular Synthesis of Terpenes: Enyne Metathesis Approach Toward pseudo-Guaianolide Architectures


Fabien Emmetiere, Emily Bevan-Smith, Alexander J. Grenning

Author Institution(s)

University of Florida, Chemistry Department


Terpene molecules are widely represented in nature and many are relevant from a pharmaceutical standpoint. Unfortunately, natural abundance can be low and chemical synthesis remains an outstanding challenge. In order to tackle these limitations, we have devised simple and scalable methodology to access terpenoid cores using readily available reagents. Using this approach, simple cyclic ketones were converted to decorated 5-7 or 6-7 fused ring systems in only 3 steps. We wish to expand this methodology to access pharmaceutically relevant tricyclic terpenes as well as their analogs. Presented is our progress to date toward pseudo-guaianolide and dolestane natural products.