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Name Miss Jada Hoyle-Gardner
Organization or Institution Florida A&M University
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Environmental

Analysis of Growth Dynamics and Protein Expressions of Microbial-Mediated
Biomineralization of Uranium Contaminated Soils at Savannah River Site, Aiken SC


Victor Ibeanusi 1 Jada Hoyle-Gardner 1 , Haley Howard 1 , Ashvini Chauhan 1 , Ashish Pathak 1 , Rajneesh Jaswal 1 , Charles Jagoe 1 , John Seaman 2

Author Institution(s)

1 School of the Environment, 1515 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Suite 305B, FSH Science
Research Center, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL- 32307, USA
2 Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, University of Georgia, Aiken, SC- 29802, USA


Our studies with microbial systems have revealed a predictable mechanistic process of adaptation by specific bacterial strains and a consortium of microbes at sites contaminated with mixed wastes that include radionuclides. Transmission Electron Microscopy combined with X- Ray microanalyses demonstrated various stages of intracellular complexation, precipitation, and recovery of metals. Results from these microbial reactions generated unique proteins that are expressed in response to adaptation of specific bacterial strains in metal detoxification and recovery. These findings present opportunities for in-depth studies of the biochemical and
physiological mechanisms underlying the stability and evolution of these proteins, and their roles in microbial adaptations in extreme conditions at sites contaminated by radionuclides, such as uranium. This research will (a) compare new sets of consortia of microorganisms from Savannah River Site (in Aken, SC), and to establish the molecular mechanisms that promote development of new phenotypes in a microbial community that is challenged with uranium; (b)
compare protein expressions and their evolution by specific metal-resistant bacterial strains that include changes in temperature, pH, and deprivation of essential nutrients such as phosphate; and (c) compare gene and protein expressions of these strains through an in-depth proteomic

Keywords: Microbial Systems; Uranium Biomineralization; and Protein Expressions

Acknowledgements: This research is supported through the Department of Energy, MSIPP Program (RFP: 0000338963; TOA: 0000332982)