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Name Mr. Jordan Dixon
Organization or Institution Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Physical Chemistry

Evaporation Kinetics of Solvents and Polymer Solutions in an Acoustic Levitator


Jordan Dixon, Emmanuel Noel, Beni Dangi

Author Institution(s)

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University


An acoustic levitator and high speed CCD camera were utilized to study evaporation kinetics of pure methanol and hexafloro isopropanol (HFIP) solvents. Rates of evaporation were calculated from size measurements of the droplet over time at ambient conditions. Two evaporation kinetics were measured experimentally for both solvents. Polymer solutions of polyethylene oxide (PEO) in HFIP at various concentrations were prepared. These solutions were also monitored over time to extract the evaporation kinetics data. Total evaporation times for various microliter volumes of methanol were measured and compared under normal laboratory conditions, and under acoustic levitation. Significant difference in evaporation time and trend were observed. These studies provide crucial data for future experiments, such as crystallization of proteins and polymers from solutions under microgravity conditions. Furthermore, the acoustic levitation will be utilized in trapping solid/liquid samples under controlled gas and radiation conditions relevant to planetary and exoplanetary atmospheres.