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Name Mr. Noah Cyr
Organization or Institution Florida Gulf Coast University
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Organic Chemistry

Design and Optimization of Solid-Supported Palladium / Ionic Liquid Complexes as Green Catalysts


Noah Cyr, Reece Johnson, Stephan George, Daniel H. Paull

Author Institution(s)

Florida Gulf Coast University


Carbon-carbon coupling reactions are a widely used and imperative in organic synthesis. While palladium catalysts have proven highly effective in initiating carbon-carbon coupling, they are typically specialized to a specific reagent. Likewise, environmental impact is usually sacrificed in favor of yield. Solid-support tethers and ionic liquid substituents have been investigated as possibilities in improving these palladium catalysts as ways to increase stability while increasing solubility and reactivity. We have developed a solid-supported ionic liquid attached to a palladium complex which is able to perform high yielding Heck and Suzuki coupling reactions while being reusable and miscible in aqueous solutions. We are currently developing a number of catalysts with varied substituents, tether lengths, and coordination atoms. These catalysts will be compared and analyzed to find how to maximize desirable properties, such as recyclability, solubility, stability, and yield. Our progress will be discussed in detail.