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Name Mr. Heng Wang
Organization or Institution University of South Florida
Presentation Type Poster
Topic Organic Chemistry

Self-Assembly of Super Hexagonal Prism


Heng Wang and Xiaopeng Li*

Author Institution(s)

Department of Chemistry, University of South Florida, Tampa FL 33620, USA


In our previous studies, supramolecular concentric hexagons with multiple layers (2 to 4 layers) were obtained though self-assembly of multitopic (tetra- to octa-topic) terpyridine ligands, benefiting from new synthetic strategy of the ligands based on pyrylium and pyridinium salts chemistry. However, those studies mainly focused on increasing the complexity in two dimensional geometry. In this study, we try to enhance the supramolecular complexity by ascending the structure into three dimension, i.e., hexagonal prism, through self-assembly of a pentatopic terpyridine ligands with cadmium ions. The corresponding self-assembled metallo-supramolecular hexagonal prism were fully characterized by NMR techniques, electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS), ion-mobility mass spectrometry (IM-MS), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).